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      Cersaie | Bologna's Logo

      Cersaie | Bologna

      23-27 September 2019 / Italy, Bologna



      Bologna Fiere, Bologna
      Bologna Fiere, Bologna

      Cersaie | Bologna

      Terrazzo by Casalgrande Padana. Natural Mosaic
      Ceramiche Caesar: from tile to furniture
      Homely Spaces Designed by Panaria Ceramica
      Futurism, Rupestrian Engravings and Graphic Signs
      From the Venetian Terrazzo to Mexican Stones
      'Room for Imagination'. Rak Ceramics at Cersaie
      Six colors + three sizes. Tribute to the industrial style
      Geometric Patterns, Micro-Terrazzo, Moroccan Colors
      CementMix by VitrA. Organic, Minimalistic, Urban
      Metallic details, patterns and contrasting finishes
      Character, Colour and Materia
      Japanese Minimalism and Postmodern Audacity
      Marvel Dream: Marble, Colors and Decorations
      Kalos by Massimo Iosa Ghini. Inspired by Nature
      Cubik is Back. ​Ideagroup at Cersaie 2019
      Bathroom Inspired by the Fashion of Elsa Schiaparelli
      Scenari, natural and retro inspiration
      Marazzi rediscovers the authenticity of ceramics
      Rethinking Mosaics
      Traces in Black&White. Mutina Embraces the Arts
      Style Inside, All the New Products From Ariana at Cersaie 2019
      Color, Minimalism and Personalization
      Retour, Navona and Savoy. Stone Charm
      Panaria Ceramica, a New Visual Identity
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