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      Maison&Objet January's Logo

      Maison&Objet January

      17-21 January 2020 / France, Paris




      Maison&Objet January

      Talenti at Imm Cologne and Maison&Objet
      Recyclable and Biodegradable: MOJOW Unveils Its Brand New Products
      Ex.t Brings Art Deco to Paris
      Modularity and Sustainability for Outdoors Areas
      Monitillo Marmi: Sculptures for the Daily Life
      'Bright Metal Objects' by Giacopini
      iSimar, from Cologne to Paris
      Storage and Furniture for Charming Spaces
      Soft Wellbeing for Relaxing al fresco
      Story Tales by WallPepper®
      Cotton, Silk and Himalayan Wool. cc-tapis at IMM and M&O
      Focus: The Pleasure of Fire
      Midj at Maison&Objet
      Le Deun Luminaires with Caroline Luzi
      Brokis in Paris
      Roy Lichtenstein-inspired Bathrooms
      Pedrali “Palace of Wonders” at Maison & Objet 2020
      Green Furniture and New Pieces
      Technology, Versatility and Sustainability
      Comfortable and Versatile
      YO2 @ Maison&Objet 2020
      TonucciManifestoDesign Lands in Paris
      Looking Glass by Deirdre Dyson
      Metal Accessories in Bright Pop Shades
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